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While this site is my blog-post place, the feed below is from my BeTrue3D faceboook group, where I post short updates and links to new blog-posts.

13 hours ago


I’m often told to focus on one project at a time.
But I am!
My project just has a lot of separate components to it 😊

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3 days ago


Setting up temp controlled waterpump.
Ensuring I everything is wired correctly before I hook it up.

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1 week ago


People have been asking why I haven’t posted here or written on my blog in a while.

I burned 2 of my Duet WiFi controllers, and didn’t know why it happened, as I hadn’t done anything except changing firmware on one of them.

A couple of weeks later my computer suddenly stopped working and I was once again dumbstruck as to the reason why.

Turned out I had a short in an USB connector inside my computer, which apparently carried over to the Duet WiFi boards and electrocuted them. I had USB hooked up, as I had planned setting up the Watercooling system from E3D for my E3D Cyclop+ Watercooled hotend.

5v regulator died on both of them and an extra chip died on one of them as well.

I finally got over it and ordered replacement parts for the two Duet WiFi controllers, and they are now sent to a person with much better soldering skills than me, to do some repairs.

In the meantime I’ve started looking at Quadcopters and am in the process of building my own.
I’m sure this will give me lots of opportunities to print parts as well 🙂

3D printer plans:
• Repairing my 2 defective machines (Duet WiFi).
• Finish setting up watercooling on xBot.
• Finish converting my old crossbot into 3mm printing.
• Design/print bracket for my CoreXY printer in order to mount an E3Dv6 hotend. It used to have a 5way Diamond hotend mounted.
• Design and have build a lid/top for my xBot to make it entirely enclosed for extremely high temperature printing of stuff like PEEK, Ultem etc.

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