21. October 2019

BeTrue3D – Smallbot

By BeTrue3D

Starting a new series of posts about the new small printer I’ve been obsessing about lately. I’m calling it Smallbot (for now), as it’s rather small compared to all the large machines popping up all over.

I’ve never really printed very big things, nor do I normally print stuff just to print stuff, so generally my xBot (20x20x22cm or so) is larger than I really need, so decided to design a new one.

Design goals:

  • Small print area 10-15cm on all axes. Maybe larger on Z axis.
  • Small printer
    • Super rigid
    • Enclosed machine
    • Easy to move around
  • Rails on all axes
    • CoreXY
    • Hidden belts
  • Watercooled hotend
    • Custom designed or cut over Chimera+
  • AC heated bed
    • With Resettable Thermal fuse
  • Build in everything:
    • PSU
    • Controller – Duet3D something.
    • Waterpump and radiator.
    • RPI Zero or normal
      • For Raspberry Pi Camera and other functions


I’ve drawn most of it in Fusion 360 and I’m close to be able to send files to manufacturing – Meaning to have the plates cut and trying to find someone to CNC the custom watercooled heatsink for the hotend.

Wow, that’s fast and stuff.. but wait! I’ve ordered some rails and they wont get here untill some time in late november or some time december.. and I can’t really starting having plates cut to size untill I get the rails home and have a chance to do real world measuring, to make sure my design fits them.

Look and design

Everything is subject to change and there are still things needed to be done, but the following will give you an idea.

Video in and around the machine without most panels.

Most panels in place and more details and changes in place.