18. March 2017

Duet WiFi – binary “iap4e.bin” not found

By BeTrue3D

Making a short post, as this seems to happen fairly often.

In short, I wanted to update my Duet WiFi Firmware from 1.17c to 1.17e and recieved a pop-up error message while doing so.

iap4e.bin missing

Contrary to previous error messages when updating the three-part firmware, this error prevents the firmware update from completion.

Finding iap4e.bin

At first I thought the missing file ought to be in the RepRapFirmware Repository, but I had no such luck, so went to the next best place: Google.

It turned up a Duet3D wiki page about Updating Firmware where the missing iap4.bin file under the section Fallback procedure #1 with the description:

  • Copy the new DuetWiFiFirmware.bin file to the /sys folder. It must be called exactly DuetWiFiFirmware.bin on the SD card. Also make sure that file iap4e.bin is present in /sys.

Ok, so I now know I need to find the iap4e.bin file, and copy it to the /sys folder on the SD

Back to my Google search, which also returned a post on Duet3D forum named missing iap4e.bin. This in turn pointed to a Duet wiki page labeled Where to get Duet and Duet WiFi firmware and tools.

Download and “install” iap4e.bin

Go to the DietiAPI page the above page linked to, and download the iap4e.bin file.

We can’t yet copy files via the Web Panel, so you have to take out the SD card and insert it into your computer, and copy over the file to the Sys directory.

Restart your controller and reconnect to your Web Panel to see the file lsited under Settings and System Editor


I don’t know why this happens, but at least we can fix it now 🙂