25. December 2016

Duet Wifi – Update Firmware

By BeTrue3D

Download and update new firmware

Download new firmware

If you do not allready have the newest firmware, head over to the Github repository containing the RepRapFirmware.

Here we click on Clone or download and then Download Zip.

Take the downloaded file, which is about 10MB, and extract it to a practical location.

Note: Here’s a direct link to the latest stable files.

Update firmware

  1. Open your webinterface and go to Settings and General tab.
    Here we can see our current version of the 3 different firmwares running on our board.
    Click on Upload File(s) to upload our firmware files.
  2. Filenames and matching name on Web InterfacE:
    DuetWiFiFirmware :: Firmware Version
    DuetWiFiServer :: WiFi Server Version
    DuetWebControl :: Web Interface Version
  3. Browse to the place you extracted the files and find the subfolder:
    Release -> Duet-WiFi -> StableNote:When everything is working and you need some option only available in Edge, you might want to use that one, but for now, we want to use the Stable version. Edge basically means Beta.
  4. Browse to our files and dobbelt-click on our DuetWiFiFirmware file
    You need to press YES for each of the update notifications in order to get all of them updated.

    1. Note: I had some faded error messages, about failing to create/rename a folder, but everything turned out fine anyway.
  5. Now upload our DuetWiFiServer file.
  6. Finally upload the largest file for the Web Control DuetWebControl
  7. When pressing Yes, it takes a while to finish.
  8. When done we get a confirmation dialogue along with a prompt to reload.
  9. We now have the newest firmware installed for all 3 areas:

Duet Wifi official information on firmware: