5. June 2017

Lets build an Ultimaker 2+ Extended clone – Part 4 – Lets buy stuff 2 – Motors, LEDs and more…

By BeTrue3D

This part is about buying all the cables, leds and connector stuff premade to use in our Ultimaker 2+ Extended clone build.


It’s been under way a bit longer than I would have liked, but as always, it is not as easy to decide what to include or not, and how to put it together. At first I had the Buy all and DIY part put together, but it seriously hampered ease of use and readability (confusing), so spent some extra time splitting the two things up. Hope you like it!


LEDs for front lightning

In the Ultimaker 2 printers we have LED strips on the inside of the front sides and top.

It’s basically just 3 strips of 24v bright white leds with wires attached between them, and a wire with a 2-pin Molex kk connector going down to the controller.

Links and price

Expect to pay around $10

Motors or long wires with connectors

You can either buy a package of motors from Aliexpress or maybe you have some motors and just need the motor with 35-40cm lead-screw on it.

You need 67cm of wires on your motors.

This can be solved in 2 ways depending on your motors:

  1. Buy the motors with appropriate length of wires and connectors (note: link is to non-extended pdf. Wires must be 67cm and 57cm respectively)
  2. Buy wires to use on your existing/other motors.

Links and price

The leadscrew on Z-motor is around 36cm long.

Do not buy a motor and loose leadscrew. You are loosing a lot of Z-height and it’s not as good. Especially if you use a flexible coupler.

Expect to pay $90-100 if you buy the motors as a bundle on Aliexpress.

I have listed Robotdigg as they have cheaper motors and lots of other nice items. But remember to factor in the shipping costs!

If you buy or use other motors

If you allready have or buy other motors for XY you must check these requirments:

  • Holding torque 4kg-cm or more
  • Motor length 40mm or it can’t fit behind the motor covers
  • Inductance MAX 4mH. Under 3mH is better. Higher = slower reaction.
  • Max 2amp. If you get higher amp you can’t take advantage of it’s specifications.

The above motor would be fine for Extruder as well.

The extruder motor can be 48mm deep/long if you have one of these. The additional power should not be needed as we use Titan Extruder

I’m using 17HS4401N motors for all my XY and extruders on all printers as I bought a bunch of them a few years ago. Was lucky and got some nice motors.


We are going to need 3 endstops, also known as a Limit Switch for our X-min, Y-max and Z max.

The Z-max endstop has a short arm and the other two needs to have long arms.

They are all configured as NO (Normally Open) in original firmware.

Wire colors, blue, red and black are in place in order to know what’s what. Remember the the lengths of the wires for our Extended is not the same as in the pdf files. XY wires should be 65cm and Z around 15cm

There is a single 2-pin HX2.54 connector on each endstop wire.

Links and Price

Expect to pay $7-14 for a set

Wireharness from controller to carriage

The Wireharness consists of the wires from carriage (carriage is the assembly for hotend and fans) to controller.

Since the wires from Heater Cartridge and PT100 temperature sensor runs straight down to the controller on their own, the Wireharness is really only for the small Heatsink fan and the 2x cooler fans.

The wireharness you buy has 3 wire-sets in it, buy one of these are not used. I do not know what was intended here. The red/brown pair is unused.

Photo above shows the one I made for this project, which does not have the last unused pair in it

The Green/Yellow is for the 12v fans. When put in series they each get 12v from our 24v system.

Links and Price

Expect to pay $10